LightBoost, is a technique invented by NVIDIA for 3D Vision to serve three main purposes at the same time. Reduce 3D crosstalk Make image brighter with 3D glasses Eliminate motion blur (good for 2D too, without 3D glasses!) The third item is the most important feature, from our perspective. Given a monitor with a high


Update 2017: AMD has revealed FreeSync 2, which builds on the already successful FreeSync technology and adds support for HDR content. AMD says FreeSync 2 offers two times the color space and brightness over sRGB. Traditional monitors operate at a fixed refresh rate, commonly 60Hz, 120Hz or 144Hz. In games, frame rate (amount of generated frames

Gaming Monitor List Guide (120Hz, 144Hz, 160Hz, 165Hz, 180Hz, 200Hz and 240Hz)

This is a comprehensive list of 120Hz, 144Hz, 165Hz and 200Hz computer monitors. There may be a few more, but this list tries to include them all. Among these monitors are overclockable monitors, G-SYNC monitors, ULMB monitors, FreeSync monitors and Turbo 240 monitors. The resolution of the monitors are of all the popular types, including 1080p (FHD), 1440p (WQHD),

ASUS MB169B+ USB Portable Monitor Reviews

 ASUS MB169B+ 15.6″ Full HD 1920×1080 IPS USB Portable Monitor   Pros Cons Sharp 1080p resolution; Lightweight; Strong performance; Mac and USB 2 compatible Bundled USB cable too short, comes loose; Sometimes requires two USB ports   Check It Out ou will find many articles on the web showing the benefits of using multiple monitors